Guest Artists

Stinking Fish Studio Tour


Maria Curcic - Maria Curcic Millinery

441 Pelican Drive, enter lower level, Victoria, BC   (Metchosin)

250-884-6244 · maria@mariacurcic.com · Website: www.mariacurcic.com

Maria Curcic has more than 25 years experience as a Milliner. Each unique headpiece is designed using the finest materials and fabricated by Maria with a lasting attention to detail. Having provided product to fashion boutiques across Canada for many years, Maria's quality is recognized and respected. Cash/Cheque/MC/Amex/Discover

Rebecca McClure - Rebbeca McClure Studios

Victoria, BC   (Metchosin)

250-472-3372 · info@rebeccamcclure.ca · Website: www.rebeccamcclure.ca

It is my goal to make elegant forms that are well suited to the rigors of everyday life. My early environment influenced my aesthetic as an artist, honing my of love of line, colour and shape. I enjoy using bold contrasts and simple geometric designs, paring these with classic form that work well as everyday dishes or accent decor. Cash/Visa/MC/Amex/Discover

Joanne Parker Robertson - Green Heron Studios

1020 Matheson Lake Road, Victoria, BC   (Metchosin)

250-480-1664 · greenheron@shaw.ca · Website: www.greenheronstudios.com

"I love art and design, creating visual imagery in a multitude of mediums, and choosing the most appropriate form to express an idea. Seeing ourselves, in dreams and in relationship to the world, my work seeks to draw the viewer in, to open up new insights into our connections with nature."

Diana Smith - unfine art

4488 William Head Road, Victoria, BC   (Metchosin)

778-432-4386 · dsmith2006@shaw.ca

Non-functional art in clay and encaustic. The aim is for the work to be accessible in price and concept, thought provoking and attractive. The subject matter and style is often inspired by the Japanese wabi sabi aesthetic and world view which honours the imperfect, incomplete, humble and the hand-made. Cash/Visa/MC/Amex/Discover