Guest Artists

Stinking Fish Studio Tour


Angela Andersen - Stagwhale Studio

1194 Kangaroo Road, Victoria, BC   (Metchosin)

· aandersen@stinkingfishstudiotour.com · Website: angelaandersenart.blogspot.com

I am a light seeker captivated by the mosaic of colours filtered through our rain forest canopy. Original west coast themed acrylic paintings and one-of-a-kind silkscreen treasures. Cash/Visa/MC/Amex/Discover

Rick Lawlor - Red Star Blue Fish Studios

1620 Connie Rd., Sooke, BC   (East Sooke)

250-642-1309 · rlawlor@stinkingfishstudiotour.com

Using found materials to create humour and provoke preconceptions, Rick makes a diversity of works; in clay, as darkly humoured boxed art, eclectic furniture, or eccentric characters via penned illustrations. MC/VISA

Carol Rae

Victoria, BC   (Metchosin)

778-433-8475 · crae@stinkingfishstudiotour.com · Website: facebook.com/Carol-Rae-Art-319514938229689/

I work in encaustic and printmaking. Encaustic speaks the language of fire and wax, carries the aroma of honey, and reminds me of bees and the glorious beauty of nature surrounding us. In printmaking, I am attracted to the look, and tools of various methods of printing. Cash/Visa/MC/Amex/Discover

Jocelyn West - Whispering Firs Studio

663 Seascape Place, Sooke, BC   (East Sooke)

250-642-5074 · jwest@stinkingfishstudiotour.com

Jocelyn's latest paintings of west coast nature subjects explore how wind moves. She is currently working on Bella Coola grizzly bears. Her paintings are inspired by photographs she has taken on her travels up and down the coast of BC. Cash/Cheque