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Wendy Mitchell
Studio 580

Over the years, I have learned to love the process of taking raw fleece and transforming it by spinning, then knitting, felting or hooking it into wearable garments and decorative art. I particularly enjoy demonstrating to the public the magic of spinning, proving that it is not an ancient or lost craft. MC/VISA


Mixed Media



Angela Andersen
Stagwhale Designs

Angela has dedicated her life and career to art. Her passion for painting comes through in her timeless portraits of old growth trees. Inspired by humble reverence, she seeks timelessness in her work. Cash/Visa/MC/Amex/Discover

Bonnie Coulter
Bonnie Coulter Art

I am at present working in an uncommon 2d technique using a fractured, mosaic like, surface that directs its own subject matter. The images ostensibly a deep rooted response from childhood exposure to story book chimera. MC/VISA/AMEX/DISCOVER

Frank Mitchell
Studio 580

Mostly plein air landscapes in oil and acrylic, with some portraits and political pieces. I like colour, geometry, and alternatives to conventional perspective. Cash/Cheque

Jocelyn West
Whispering Firs Studio

Jocelyn's latest paintings of west coast nature subjects explore how wind moves. She is currently working on Bella Coola grizzly bears. Her paintings are inspired by photographs she has taken on her travels up and down the coast of BC. Cash/Cheque


Marlene Bowman
Seagirt Pottery

I enjoy demonstrating my texturing processes and encourage my guests to play with clay. Visitors who phone ahead are welcome in my studio throughout the year. Visa/MC/American Express/Discover/Cheque

Ann Semple
Clayfoot Crockery

At Clayfoot Crockery you will find functional pottery which reflects the peaceful nature of sea and forest, and ornamental pieces for home and garden that are inspired by both the tempestuous and serene nature of the Pacific Northwest. MC/VISA

Sculpture - Metal

Beverly Petow
Bitchenheat Metalwerks

Functional beauty, rustic elegance describes my style in making a myriad array of objects for home and garden in the enduring, engaging material of steel. MC/VISA


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